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How to Research subjects for your blog

A Blog post by Ann Brown Summ It Up Marketing - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Thu, Apr 9th, 2015 - viewed 4427 times

Research is an essential part of finding inspiration and information to help you write your blogs. Planned research will save you time scratching around for something to write about and for finding interesting content! Research can be very time consuming especially if you are not sure what you should be looking for and how to find it.

Set up a system to capture notes
Each day in whatever you are doing, ideas for blogs and blog content will come your way, so you need an efficient system for collecting them. If your information comes from the web:

  • Link to the content
  • Add the title of the content
  • Add the main topics and keywords and any interesting points you can use later
  • Notepad and Excel are excellent for keeping this information with a web link. For real world inspiration, use a notebook where you can write, clip and stick post its of the information you find.

Pick your keywords
First pick your best keywords, to help you write your blog and to make sure your blog is found when published. Doing this will also help you to research more information on your subject online. Ideally you want to choose a keyword group to write your blog post about, and then two or three other keyword phrases to include in the body of the blog.

What type of content do you want to include in your blog post?

  • Images
  • Podcasts and webinars, your own or use a Google search
  • Video from Vimeo and U tube
  • Presentations
  • Stats and quotes

What else has been published on this topic before?

To find specific types of content, type your keyword phrase into a search engine followed by the name of the content. For example; 'holiday stays in Northumberland + stats' or 'quotes'. If you can't find any of these types of content, you might want to create them yourself.
While online is a fantastic source of inspiration the real world in the form of magazines and brochures, newspapers and trade publications are an excellent source of ideas. Don't forget to subscribe to your industry newsletters for ideas!