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How to promote your creative business

A Blog post by Ann Brown Summ It Up Marketing - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Wed, Oct 28th, 2015 - viewed 3077 times

No two businesses are alike and creative businesses especially need different strategies to bring in sales and to succeed. Whether you create something yourself be it art, pottery, illustrations, clothing and traditional crafts or you sell something someone else has made, you need a specific strategy.

What all creative businesses have in common and what they must do is offer something truly original in some way and something that stands out from similar products. If you are passionate about what you are making tell your story, share your passion, why you love making your product, and how you came up with your designs.

Aim to build a mailing list offline from your shop customers and also from exhibitions and craft events you attend. Online build a mailing list from your web site, social media and your blog. Use your mailing list to send news of new products, how to use them, discounts, offers and first chance to buy.

For creative businesses images are everything. They have to show off the quality and originality of what you produce. Use natural backgrounds, such as gardens, trees, fences and wooden faded garden tables.
Pinterest was made for you and you can use Instagram to promote the events you are attending and have attended. Use Pinterest with:

  • Seasonal boards
    Collection boards
    Trend boards
    How to use your products
    How to create boards

Use social media to tell and show your customers what you are doing and making and use social media to create a sense of community and exclusivity. Use images in everything you tweet and post. Let your followers and friends know what to expect on your social media pages in your profiles. Link everything you post, including Pinterest boards, back to your web site or online shop and exhibition.
Creative sites such as Etsy and Ravelry are another way to promote your business and your products, providing your own pages and helping you to build another audience for your products