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How do I get more people to open my E mailings

A Blog post by Ann Brown Summ It Up Marketing - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Thu, May 7th, 2015 - viewed 4168 times

E mail marketing has gained the reputation as something that people see as spam and then press delete. However even with the advent of social networking E mail consistently delivers results and it always out performs direct mail and mail shots.

Despite this there are issues with the opening of E mailings and of mailings going into the spam. Not everyone will want to read your mailings, so expect some 'no opens'. Be realistic with your mailings. Depending on your industry expect open rates of between 20 to 35% with a click through to your web site of 1 to 2%. Thankfully there are things you can do improve your open, action and click through rate.

1. How often you send out your mailings
Bombard your subscribers and they will unsubscribe! Depending on the type of business you are in, between one to four a month, but for everyone no more than once a week. more important is to...
2. Get your subscribers to expect mailings
Tell your subscribers when to expect your mailings and be consistent. If you say you are going to send them out monthly on the first of the month then do it.
3. Whatever you send out make it original, of value and something that will help your subscribers
This might be advice, exclusive and original offers, news, events and information on courses with how to take up offers and how to join.
4. Get people in the habit of reading them
Tell your readers when they subscribe, what to expect and when. Be consistent with content, so subscribers expect specific types of offers or information. If you are sending out e mail newsletters keep the same type of features and content and let subscribers know what is coming up next time.
5.Use numbers ' 9 hints' '12 sure fire plans'
Selling B2B readers love quick checklists and lists, quick to read and useful and easy to use!