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How to distribute flyers

A Bridlington.net Blog post by Ann Brown Summ It Up Marketing - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Wed, Aug 24th, 2016 - viewed 1884 times

Flyers are still an effective ways to promote your business and are excellent if you are targeting a local audience. But flyers only work if they actually reach their target audience. Here are my tips on what you can do to make that happen.
The where and when of distribution

  1. You've sorted the design, refined your message and now you have a stack of flyers just waited to be distributed. How do you turn them into a valuable piece of promotional material that will win you business?
  2. The method you choose will depend on your budget, your business and what you are hoping to achieve. Ideally try a few to see what works best. One of the simplest options is to prominently position your flyers in a place your customers regularly visit.
  3. If you can cross-promote by tying up with another business to jointly promote your products or services even better. Do this by stocking flyers in each other premises or distribute in your and their newsletters and mailings.
  4. Insert your flyer into an industry publication tailoring your content and call to action telling people what you want them to do after they finish reading.
  5. Handing your flyers out on the street is great for promoting something currently happening nearby. With this method time and location are crucial. If you are opening a new eatery you might want to catch people and invite them to join you for lunch. Or if you are providing a business service, you'll be best placed near a concentration of offices during the working week.Look professional and look the part. Ask passersby if they want to save money or try something new rather than just handing flyers out. Don't ask a question, people will most likely say no! Keep it legal and be considerate, don't for example distribute near your competitors premises. Finally don't take it personally if people turn you down.
  6. Door to door. This is less targeted and so generally less effective, but you can still improve the number of enquiries from this method by studying the demographics of specific areas. Use a specialist distribution company to make sure your flyers reach their target audience.