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How to Develop a Marketing Strategy in 5 steps

A Bridlington.net Blog post by Ann Brown Summ It Up Marketing - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Wed, Dec 30th, 2015 - viewed 3032 times

The New Year is a good time to plan ahead and to make sure your marketing is in place. In a form that makes life easier for you should be one of your priorities. A form that suits your working methods and this might be a checklist, a table or simple bullet points. Then all you have to do is set time aside every week to carry out your plan!

Keep your marketing strategy simple (KISS) something you can easily keep an overview of in your head with the details on file. Don't try to keep up a page on all the social networks, stick to the one or two you are comfortable with and the ones your customers use.

List all your resources and make sure you are using them all to promote your products and services AND for specific promotions and offers.
Are you clear about what you are selling? This might sound obvious but are you selling the benefits of buying from you to your customers, for example:

  • Learn a new hobby
    Support local business
    Support local food producer and supplier
    Be the first to own
    Save money
    Run an efficient business

Beyond that are you making the most of what you do? Can you for example develop:.

  • Workshops and training courses on and offline
    Designs and patterns
    Develop how to guides and e books
    Develop merchandising and patterns and designs

Are you clear who it is you are selling to? Knowing this is crucial and enables you to target your customers more easily and develop products and services that will attract them. Try to be too general and you will have to spend more time and more money to bring in enquiries and sales.
Build in a monitoring system so you know what marketing is working and what type of customers are buying. Monitor on and offline enquiries and sales and check enquiries and sales following on and offline advertising and sales promotions monitoring motivates you