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Handy Tips for Bloggers

A Bridlington.net Blog post by Ann Brown Summ It Up Marketing - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Tue, Feb 10th, 2015 - viewed 5251 times

1. If you use a blogging platform such as Google Blogger or Word Press add tags to your blog to make it easier for them to be found. Use your keywords and make sure they appear in the text of your blog and on image tags.

2. Create an editorial calendar to make it easier for you to plan ahead. Six months to a year ahead are good. Depending on your business plan around the seasons, notable events such as Mother's Day or tax year ends and build your blogs around them.

3. Using your editorial calendar brain storm ideas for blog posts. Try to come up with four posts per idea or event so you have one a week for a month.  

4. Make use of the footer of your blog. For example 'if you like this you might also like', and link to your other blogs. Find out more' and 'My most popular posts'. Include contact information'.

5. Add an image to your blog posts. If you run a foodie or tourist business this should be easy. You can include food images, images of your tourist attraction and include visitors having fun if you can. If you are a services business use Canva to create written images. 

6. Check out similar blogs or popular blogs that appeal to your target audience and comment on them to get noticed

7. Build your readership by adding a Mail Chimp sign up to your blog to add to your mailing list

8. Promote your blog posts on social networks. For Twitter split your blog post into short bits for Facebook, your blog mage with a link.

9. If you use Google blogger or word Press include an 'about me' page to blog so readers can find out more about you. Keep it oriignal to your blog, why you write the blog and what you want to achieve.

10. Suggested blog posts..... ''how to' articles and checklists. 10 things to look for, Does your, A 3 step guide, 10 common mistakes, 7 signs of, 6 steps to, 12 strategies, 12 ways to, 10 top resources, 6 recommended, 4 skills needed, 10 ways to get the most from, 7 essentials of
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