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The Great Illusion

A Blog post by Cornelius Buttercup III - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Wed, Nov 26th, 2014 - viewed 4585 times

I took this photograph less than two months ago. It is a view of the beautiful City of Perth from King's Park.

I did not give the building, bottom left, a thought, having only eyes for the park, the freeway with the train running down it's centre, the waterfront and the buildings showing progress in a world mostly going backwards.

The thing is, I wish I had looked at the building I had pointedly ignored because two weeks after I came home my friend Bernadette went into it and... would spend 4 weeks there. Weeks of hope, despair and finally she will leave in a day or two with everything to look forward to and all the things she deserves in life.

This is Mount Hospital and it is where the real magic happens, everything beyond it is just fluff. If I ever return to Perth I will go to this hospital with ten boxes of chocolates and I will randomly hand them to the first 10 nurses I see, without explaining why. After all, they will know why because in a City of business, where millions of pounds are made every hour, nurses work for a barely liveable wage and all they want is to go home after their shift, having made someone's life better.

The greatest magicians in the World ply their trade while making us look at the wrong thing.