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First Do No Harm

A Blog post by Cornelius Buttercup III - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Sat, Dec 27th, 2014 - viewed 4616 times

As I get older the years seem to pass me by more quickly. My New Years resolution this year was, do no harm. I'm going to tick that one because I did not knowingly make anyone else's life worse this year, but by the same token I did not to the best of my knowledge make anyone's life significantly better so perhaps a draw would be a fair result.

I have had many highlights this year. Going to Holland and Wales on my bike, going to Australia with Sarah, and my son and daughter-in-law moving to Bridlington would be the first that come to mind. It would be a gross exaggeration to say that I achieved anything noteworthy this year but again it would be rather unfair to suggest that I failed in anything I set out to do, another draw there then. You might think therefore that 2014 was not a year of progress for me but I find myself at a time in my life where avoiding regression is quite acceptable to me. If I were pressed to say something has improved then I would probably point to health. I have had less accidents than any year I can recall, only one broken bone in fact, I've had an extra year to get used to getting around on metal legs and I've had my heart repaired.

As I look forward to a New Year I am full of hope and optimism. I think 2015 will be as good for me as 2014 has been because I lack the one thing that brings the perception of failure to most people, ambition. Ambition is almost always viewed as a virtue, but to me ambition is like saying, "I don't have all the things I want in life, I need more," and how can that be a good attitude to wake up with in the morning. My New Year's message to you all is, enjoy what you have, never fight a battle you can't win and remember, there isn't a person in the World who is better than you at being you.