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E mail mistakes to avoid

A Blog post by Ann Brown Summ It Up Marketing - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Wed, Nov 12th, 2014 - viewed 4499 times

Are you sending out mailings from Constant Contact or Mail Chimp? Are you making the common mistakes that result in a lower open and read rate?

  1. Starting with the first thing your readers will see in their in box. Make the wording recognisable and appealing. Something more than 'Newsletter'. Include your business name and something like 'Latest news and offers', 'New courses' and 'Launch of'.
  2. E mail titles that include words such as FREE and ones that use capital letters are much more likely to go into the spam making them undeliverable.
  3. Uninteresting content. It doesn't matter what business you are in there will always be information your customers will want to know about. Write about what matters to your customers and what will interest them. Break up text with images and think about
  4. Too much selling in your mailing. Make it 90% interesting content and 10% selling
  5. Too much information can be overwhelming and will reduce your read and open rate. Keep it simple and if you can include short paragraphs with a click through to read more on your web site or blog.
  6. A cluttered jumble of content. Use paragraphs and titles to make clear distinctions between different sections and topics.
  7. No calls to action. You want your readers to act on your mailing. So include 'Read more', 'Find out more here', 'Ring to find out more about this offer'.
  8. Using a different layout for each mailing. Whatever your business and your mailings, maintain your branding so readers are clear who the mailing has come from. Maintain your branding by keeping logos and colours the same for all mailings.
  9. Not checking how easily e mailings can be read on mobiles. Use Mail Chimp and E mails will automatically be optimised for mobile readers.
  10. Too small a mailing list – use sign ups on your web site and blog. Announce mailings in Twitter to build more sign ups.

With click through rates to web sites and blogs from e mailings ranging from 7.66% and 26% in the UK in 2014 you have to make the most of all your mailings and eliminate anything that reduces open and click through rates to your web site.