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The Devil is in the Detail

A Blog post by Ann Brown Summ It Up Marketing - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Tue, Apr 19th, 2016 - viewed 2355 times

Giving good detail of everything you sell in business is vital and can make the difference between a sale or not.

I recently visited a food festival. It was very busy with the majority of stands having a crowd around them drawn in by clear with simple offers and by people demonstrating products and gadgets with what the gadgets could achieve clearly demonstrated. One stand however was quiet. It had a banner giving the name of the business with beautifully decorated tins stacked up. The only clue as to what they were selling was a chilli drawn on the tin and the word 'spice' in the name of the business.

It was clear a lot of money had been spent on branding with staff wearing quality aprons and branded carrier and jute bags for purchases. But no one was visiting the stand. The spice business had gone 90% of the way to success but had forgotten the final component, the detail of what they were selling and their show offers. It was clear this was affecting the numbers of people visiting the stand. Show visitors were moving around the show fairly quickly and it was impossible for them to see the detail of what the spice stand was actually selling.

So clear detail in everything you do is vital. Better to spend time on the details of what you do and offers than to spend money on complicated branding and complicated offers. How to buy should be clear with easy to follow instructions and clear details on what and how to buy. This needs to be in your shop or online.

  • Your website must not only look appealing but be clear and in detail what visitors can do on your site and what they should expect to find
  • Make your offers clear and easy to understand
  • Images sell so make them the best they can be with interesting backgrounds
  • Make prices clear and what exactly buyers will get and what they can expect including delivery details

If your web site is too complicated with no clear details on what to do and where to go visitors will leave your site without moving around and visiting more. If in doubt get an independent person to go through your buying process.