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A Day Out in Scarborough

A Blog post by Mike Wilson - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Fri, Aug 23rd, 2013 - viewed 4189 times

My day out to Scarborough was for more train-spotting. The Scarborough Flyer was hauled by one of Stanier's Duchess 4-6-2- locos The Duchess of Sutherland, No. 46233. The packed train arrived at three minutes to one. (There's a clip on YouTube. Search for Duchess of Sutherland, Scarborough). When the passengers went off in search of fun and food and frivolities, the whole train reversed back down the line where the loco uncoupled to turn round on the turntable. The whole lot was then backed into the station and the train was due to leave again at four minutes to five.

I didn't stay for that but had a wander through the town. I bumped into this man:

You have no idea how angry this made me. Someone, somewhere in this man's past, had put this thought into his mind and now he's stuck with it. Poor chap. He's worse off than I was and I was brought up a Roman Catholic! That was bad enough, but to believe that the world is coming to an end, well that's laughable! Despite all previous warnings and premonitions, the world hasn't come to an end and it isn't likely to, unless we humans do something utterly stupid like blowing the place apart with bombs to prove "My god is better than your god!" Or there is an asteroid with our name on it.

Anyway, I had a browse in WH Smith, and when I got back onto Westborough, he'd gone. Perhaps raptured into heaven, or just got fed up with the whole idea and gone off for a bacon sandwich. I sincerely hope he's OK. But maybe it was me, maybe I spoilt his whole day when I spoke to him.