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Blogging Tips

A Blog post by Ann Brown Summ It Up Marketing - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Thu, Mar 31st, 2016 - viewed 2405 times

Blogging is simple! You can write about anything that appeals to you. It can be an article, a how to, advice or a product comparison. Blogging gives a freedom that a web site does not.
Blogging is a really useful way to:

  • Get your message across
  • Show your personality
  • Show your expertise
  • Spread the word effectively about what you do

1. Use a format such as Google blogger or Word Press to take advantage of a whole host of add on's and information to help you write, present, design and promote your blog.

2. As with everything you do to promote your business online start with a list of your most popular keywords, (that is the words people will use in a search to find you). This should be more than single words but phrases as well. It also helps if you can include some of your keywords in to the title of your blog.

3. If you use Word Press or Google blogger don't forget to include 'tags'. These are in effect keywords and keyword phrases and include your business name in tags.

4. Keep your blog fresh with an occasional makeover.

5. Use the footer of your blog to include links to your web site and social network pages

6.Include links to other blogs and pages of your web site within your blogs.

7. Add images to break up the text of your blog to make it more interesting and include an image that is relevant to your blog post. This can be a product image, an image of your shop, workshop or a screen shot that demonstrates what you are writing about.

8. If you are an Amazon affiliate you can add a link to the products you are selling in your blog.

9. Add a call to action. This might be a direction to join your mailing list, visit your web site or follow you on twitter or Facebook

10. In Word Press and Blogger follow other blogs and check your blog analytics regularly to find your most popular blogs.