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On the beach, southside

A Blog post by Mike Wilson - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Thu, Aug 15th, 2013 - viewed 3940 times

The other day, I had a three-hour stroll on the beach at south side, and then all the way home to the Scarborough Road end of town. There was a lot of work going on but many people were enjoying a few hours on the sands.

This artist was busy at his work and didn't notice me at all faffing with the camera. However, I was using a 500mm mirror lens and was some way away from him. These lenses haven't as much quality as my Canon lenses but these photo are quite adequate for the internet. If he sees these pictures, I'll happily print one or two for him.

On the way back along the footpath from Wilsthorpe, this helicopter flew overhead. I took the bus along the seafront to the harbour. On the open top deck it was certainly bright and breezy.