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Are you a creative business? What are you selling?

A Blog post by Ann Brown Summ It Up Marketing - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Wed, Nov 11th, 2015 - viewed 3140 times

To run a successful craft business, to do justice to your skills and build a profitable business you have to find more than one way to capitalise on your skills and there is so much more you can do. This might be:

  • Selling finished products
    Selling patterns and books
    Supplying the tools and stock you use
    Selling kits
    Workshops and joint workshops with other craft business
    Sell original designs to your suppliers

All of these you can offer on and online as paper copies, e books, items to order and things to do. It is easy to sell from a standard web site with a Paypal account, adding 'buy now' buttons.

Handmade quality goods are always popular and now more than ever people are looking not only to buy but also to learn new crafts and skills in the form of courses or kits and supplies. Google reports a 430% increase in searches for 'knitting for beginners' in the last five years in the UK.

There is plenty of scope for beginner's workshops and intermediate workshops or 'make along with' workshops. Sell kits to your attendees and offer them other workshops and products to buy. You will need to consider:

  • How feasible is it for you to put together, specific kit makes to sell on and offline
    How easy will it be to source the items needed for kits
    How easy and cost effective will it be to send out the kits?

Workshops – can you hold

  • Beginners
    'Make along' with specific items
    Link up with other craft businesses for joint workshops
    Remember to base the cost on your hours, materials and room hire if appropriate

Sell designs – can you sell in the form of

  • Patterns
    Paper books
    E books