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A Blog post by Ann Brown Summ It Up Marketing - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Wed, Jun 29th, 2016 - viewed 2264 times

Advertising opportunities exist for all businesses and with a little planning you can improve the look of and response to your ads. So often businesses leave ad set up to the publication with no input or direction or advertise at short notice giving little opportunity to design effective ads. However small or big a part of your marketing a little forward planning will improve your ads and your events.

What to ask the publication?

  1. Does the cost of my ad include design and do we need to supply images?
  2. What images do you have available is this included in the cost?
  3. Circulation numbers and this will be more than numbers of copies sold as copies are passed around and free copies are sent out
  4. Who are the readership and where do they live geographically. Does the circulation readership match your ideal customers?
  5. You will need several inserts to be memorable and to generate a response, so ask for any deals for multiple insertions
  6. Will your ad appear online and does it appear in an online version of the magazine or other format?

Circulation numbers are important but as important is the readership. Always design your ads with your readership in mind. Understanding this will help you design and plan your advertising. If the publication you are proposing to advertise with is a trade magazine, the circulation numbers will probably be lower than a national publication. However in this case the readership will be more focused and more interested in the publication, more likely to read and act on ads.

What you must include

  • A catchy headline, including one main benefit of buying from you
  • Contact details at the bottom including web address and social media icons
  • Your logo
  • A code so you can monitor your advertising responses
  • Your branding and colours as they should appear
  • Badges and logos of trade bodies and associations you belong to

What else you can include

  • An offer
  • A time limited discount
  • Prize draw entry
  • A competition launch
  • A testimonial or 5 star review

However short the time to organise your ads you must make clear to the publication what you want your ad to include and always check your logo and colours are reproduced correctly. It's worth having a few ads ready or at least some idea of what you want your ads to look like and any offers you want to include, ready to act at short notice.