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2014 - A Year in Books - Week 48

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Created: Tue, Dec 2nd, 2014 - viewed 4588 times

December already, and I've just finished reading the third of a series of books by James Runcie called Sidney Chambers and The Problem of Evil, which some may deduce, from the credits of the recently aired TV series, comes under the banner of The Grantchester Mysteries. There are in fact four stories (cases) in this book, which is set in the early 1960s, and sees Canon Chambers married to Hildegard.
In the first story, The Problem of Evil, our amateur, clerical detective assists Inspector 'Geordie' Keating in attempting to prevent a serial killer, with an apparent grievance against the clergy, from adding to his tally. The other stories are concerned with: the disappearance of a famous painting (a Sickert) during a distracting display of nudity in an art gallery; a drowning during a film shoot that turns out to not be accidental; and the theft of a baby from a hospital shortly before Christmas.
Throughout, Sidney wrestles with his doubts over his suitability for the clergy, the problem of evil, the demands of his faithful Labrador, and married life and the nature of love.
According to Walter Sickert: "It is said we are a literary nation but we don't really care about literature...we like a good murder." So it would seem, and this is a very enjoyable example of the genre.