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2014 - A Year in Books - Week 45

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Created: Tue, Nov 11th, 2014 - viewed 4730 times

I do enjoy historical fiction but I can't recall ever having gone further back than the 16th century. However, with The Silver Pigs, Lindsey Davis' first book in the Falco series, I was transported back to AD 70 and the Roman Empire. And what a lot of fun that turned out to be.
Marcus Didius Falco is a private informer (investigator), tough and cynical, as you would expect from the breed, but unlike the modern 'loner', he is one of a large Italian family headed by a forthright mother. One hot day in the Forum he runs into sixteen-year-old Sosia Camillina who is fleeing for her life. By coming to her rescue, Falco becomes involved in stolen imperial ingots and a dark political plot to overthrow the latest emperor. The trail takes him to the silver mines of Britain, a country he has visited before as a soldier and of which he is not enamoured: 'If you ever want to go there, I advise you not to bother'. Here he meets Sosia's cousin, a senator's daughter who is connected to the very traitors he is at pains to expose; but she is out of his class and he is out of his depth.