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2014 - A Year in Books - Week 44

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Created: Tue, Nov 4th, 2014 - viewed 4692 times

These days my sense of adventure extends as far as picking up a book to read which I know absolutely nothing about – this is where a good synopsis is vital. Cold by John Smolens is such a book.
In Michigan's Upper Peninsula, where in winter savage snow storms blow in off Lake Superior and the temperature, with wind chill, can drop to 60 below, Norman Haas has escaped from the State Penitentiary – he just walked away into the cold, dark forest when no one was looking. He is seeking the truth from his brother, his ex-fiancée and her father about why he was sent away for crimes he can barely remember. Seasoned locals are wise enough to stay indoors, but Del Maki, sheriff of Yellow Dog Township, ventures into the storm, tracking Haas. All the time, the snow is getting deeper and the temperature is plummeting, and in such extremes the hunter can become the hunted.
This tale is full of suspense, the truth unexpected and the wilderness of this part of the USA fascinating. I really enjoyed this novel.