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2014 - A Year in books - Week 43

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Created: Tue, Oct 28th, 2014 - viewed 4449 times

Ken Follett is possibly best known for his historical epics such as The Pillars of the Earth but they have not so far appealed to me. However, I came across Night Over Water and decided to sample his acclaimed storytelling.
This is a tale set in 1939 at the outbreak of the Second World War, which takes us across the Atlantic Ocean aboard a Boeing B-314 flying boat. The passengers are seemingly privileged, but also desperate to leave England, for a variety of reasons. They include a Nazi sympathiser, fleeing with his family and a fortune in jewels, a German scientist escaping from the Nazis, a murderer under FBI escort, a young wife running away from her domineering husband and a handsome but unscrupulous thief. Bound for New York, they gather in Southampton to board the luxurious Pan American Clipper, along with a crew member with a secret that spells danger for crew and passengers alike.
A romantic thriller, this starts well as the writer builds up the characters and the tension. However, for me, it just fell a bit flat towards the end and I found that I had become more fascinated by the aircraft than the book.