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12 E mail Marketing Esentials

A Bridlington.net Blog post by Ann Brown Summ It Up Marketing - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Tue, Oct 13th, 2015 - viewed 3523 times

E mail marketing campaigns continue to deliver excellent results, but you have to get it right. If you are using html e mails as part of your marketing campaigns taking the time to include elements that improve the number of people opening your mailings and acting on your mailings is essential. Doing this makes the difference between successful campaigns and mediocre results.

Include one or more calls to action
Call now, click the link, call to find out more, add this code to your checkout.

4 links to your web site
Use the text of your mailing to include links that send readers to different and relevant pages of your web site.

Include an offer
Book your free consultation, try for free, claim your 10% discount.

Links to your social media with logos
Add the logos with a link to your pages. If you use Twitter you can add a feed which will show your tweets in the mailing.

QR codes
Include codes to different pages of your web site, blog or social media pages.

Background colour
Dark backgrounds look good but take longer to load than plain white.

Keep fonts the same throughout your mailing
Doing this will make your mailings easier to read. Use bold and larger fonts for new sections and paragraphs.

If you write a blog include a short blog excerpt with a link to your blog
Include a list with links to your most popular posts.

Keep all your links the same colour
Consistency and simplicity are everything!

Send a test E mail
View the mailing as your readers will see it

Make sure your images are jpegs
Some E mail software providers let you add images in other formats, but these often appear, when viewed, as overlarge and distorted.

Include all your contact details
Web site, phone numbers, E mails, blog details, social media details