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10 things you can use Pinterest for!

A Blog post by Ann Brown Summ It Up Marketing - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Tue, Jan 13th, 2015 - viewed 4708 times

Selling a product online or you have a retail shop? Pinterest is a fantastic place to showcase your products and collections visually. Link your Pinterest account back to your web site.

Show case your favourite clients and customers

To teach - boards with training information for your students. you can make boards secret if you wish so only those attending your courses can view them.

Pinterest is a visual social network, so appeals to a different following, who prefer to shop and buy visually. Spread the reach of your business!

If you are a consultant or your sell business to business use your Pinterest boards to show your expertise. For example turn advice articles into images and pin to your boards. Canva can help you with this.

Create catalogues to bring in sales. Set up boards by product types and pin images of those products. Add a link on your web site and direct readers to your Pinterest board. Don't forget to promote your Pinterest presence in the real world! Tell shop visitors and guests in marketing material.

Most excitingly for content marketers is the introduction of "article pins" which show the headline, author and a short description of a pinned article within the pin itself. Pinterest is also encouraging people to create reading boards with the premise of "pin now, read later",

If you run a restaurant or hotel post news and images of the dishes you serve. Make it seasonal.

Add 'pin of the week' to your newsletter to boost your Pinterest account and make your newsletters and mailing more interesting. it Link your Pinterest account back to your web site.

To add interest to your other social networks. Pinterest will simply let you post and tweet your latest pins.