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10 Myths about Marketing

A Blog post by Ann Brown Summ It Up Marketing - Visit my Blog Page

Created: Thu, Mar 10th, 2016 - viewed 2832 times

  1. Marketing is just advertising – Good marketing that produces enquiries and generates sales should includes every aspect of promoting your business be it online, leafleting, social media or E mailings.
  2. Marketing is expensive – marketing should present a good return on investment. Compare for example the cost of marketing such as online advertising to the enquiries generated and the numbers of conversions to sales. Monitor what works and put more time and resources into this.
  3. Marketing is very time consuming. Much depends on what you do. Any business would be wise to set aside time for marketing and promotion. Depending on the size of your business anything from a morning or day per month.
  4. You need to be tech savvy to do marketing – definitely not! Use an expert to build your web site, E mail marketing and any social media pages, it will save you time and produce better results. You can then take it from there.
  5. Marketing has lots of confusing elements – No. The best marketing is simple, use two or three ways of promoting your business in campaigns e.g. leaflet drops, advertising in publications and E mail marketing.
  6. Marketing is only for large business– every business needs to do marketing in some form to be seen online and have some methods of generating enquiries and sales.
  7. Marketing must include social media – social media is not for everyone and if not done correctly can be time consuming and produce no results. If in doubt take some training but ultimately if you are not comfortable with it don't do it!
  8. Marketing needs a whole team of people to do it – definitely not. Keep it simple, be clear what marketing you are going to do and set aside a few hours to do it.
  9. There is no longer need to bother with flyers and leaflets – these still play a valuable role for many businesses to launch a new local business, to promote new services or to announce sales.
  10. Marketing should be at the bottom of your to do list. No definitely not! Every business needs to do marketing. To avoid the peaks and troughs of sales, maintain your marketing even when you are busy.