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Mike Wilson, Local Author and Historian

The lifeboat Seagull was a gift to the local fishermen from Rev. Y. Lloyd-Graeme of Sewerby Hall. She served the town from 1871 until March 1898. Seagull had been launched into a storm but the waves forced her back into the seawall. Most of the crew were thrown into the water. Christopher (Kit) Brown went down the steps into the sea to rescue his cousin, but then was washed into the sea. After struggling to reach the lifeboat, he was washed away and drowned. Her record is incomplete, but she will always be associated with the loss of Kit Brown. 

A poor quality image of Seagull on her carriage outside the Sailors' & Workingmen's Club on Cliff Street. 

This sketch of the damaged Seagull lifeboat appeared in the local newspaper after the event.