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William Henry & Mary King

Mike Wilson, Local Author and Historian

The William and Henry King was Bridlington's lifeboat between 1967 and 1988. She was built in 1964, one of the Oakley class, O.N.980, 7ft long, with a beam of 11.5ft. Her total weight, including crew and gear, was 12.45 tons. Built in 1964, she cost £33,000, and had a top speed of 8.16 knots, while her crusing speed was seven knots. This lifeboat was the only lifeboat not to display her number as she was the thirteenth in her class. She cost £33,000 and was the legacy of Miss J. G. King of Sutton. She saved 78 lives in 247 launches.

The top and bottom photographs are my own, the others from postcards.