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Bridlington History and Memories

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Bridlington History and Memories

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Bridlington History Timeline

Provided by Mike Wilson

  • 1072 Manor of Bridlington confiscated (William the Conqueror)

  • 1086 ‘Bretlinton’ mentioned in Doomsday Book

  • 1113 Walter de Grant founded monastery

  • 1200 Friars and Markets charter, granted by King John

  • 1295 Prior of Bridlington summoned Parliament by Edward I

  • 1300 Prior of Bridlington summoned to Carlisle for military service against the Scots

  • 1319 Edward II spent night in Prior’s lodgings

  • 1388 Bayle Gate erected under royal licence granted by Richard II for the defence of the Monastery

  • 1401 St. John of Bridlington canonised

  • 1415 Henry V gave thanks at St. John’s shrine after the battle of Agincourt

  • 1450 Choir school founded by Henry VI

  • 1537 Dissolution of the Monastery and execution of the last Prior, William Wode. Manor of Bridlington and other possessions seized by the Crown.

  • 1539 Central tower, transepts and chancel of Priory Church destroyed

  • 1630 Manor of Bridlington purchased from Sir George Ramsey by freeholders of the Manor for £3,260. Town charter granted by Charles I

  • 1636 The Great Town Deed drawn up

  • 1637 Grammar School founded by W. F. Hustler

  • 1643 Queen Henrietta Maria landed here on her way to York

  • 1660 Baker’s shop fire in High Street

  • 1664 First Earl of Burlington created by Charles II

  • 1666 Town raided by Dutch boats

  • 1671 Knitting School founded by William Bower

  • 1685 William Kent, nationally renowned painter and architect, born at 74 High Street

  • 1697 Charter granted for Harbour at Bridlington

  • 1697 Baptist church built, second in Yorkshire

  • 1714 The Avenue built

  • 1743 The first workhouse established

  • 1752 Birth of Samuel Standidge, the famous whaler

  • 1760 The Avenue bought by Thomas Prickett

  • 1763 Octagonal brick bell turret erected on south west tower of Priory Church

  • 1767 The town’s first fire engine

  • 1779 John Wesley preached in Zion Congregational Church. Sea battle between John Paul Jones’ Bonhomme Richard and Serapis

  • 1785 Prince William Henry (William IV) landed in Bridlington

  • 1789 Ship building began in the town. Rope Walk laid out.

  • 1802 Burlington Bank established (town's first bank)

  • 1805 George Hotel built (town's first hotel)

  • 1806 Bridlington’s first Lifeboat established

  • 1811 Town population 3741. Houses 869. Tidal spring discovered by B. Milne

  • 1818 Baylegate National School built

  • 1822 Birth of Humphrey Sandwith, organiser of Crimean War Hospitals

  • 1823 New windmill built in Bempton Lane. Bridlington’s first policeman employed

  • 1824 Corn Exchange built in Market Place. First R.N.L.I. lifeboat started service

  • 1833 Gas service introduced to town. Temperance Hall built

  • 1836 Publication of town’s first newspaper, Burlington reporter. Semi-circle stone steps completed at north pier

  • 1839 First sight of the sea by Charlotte Bronte

  • 1840 Christ Church built

  • 1841 Queen Dowager, the last Bridlington ship

  • 1844 Bishop’s improved baths build on Esplanade

  • 1846 Railway from Hull opened in October. Victoria rooms built

  • 1847 Railway continued to Scarborough. R.Y.Y.R formed

  • 1848 South Pier completed

  • 1850 Priory west window restored

  • 1857 Church Green Infant School built

  • 1858 Formation of Londsborough Lodge

  • 1859 Bridlington Free Press founded

  • 1863 Most duties of Lord Feoffees taken over by the local board

  • 1865 First plans for piped water in town. Sailor's & Workingmen’s club formed

  • 1866 Alexandra Hotel opened. Lifeboat Harbinger presented to fishermen by Count Bathyany. R.N.L.I. Lifeboat John Abbot presented to town.

  • 1867 First stone sea wall built
    1868 Lloyd Hospital founded

  • 1869 Victoria sea defence constructed. St. Annes iron church built. Lloyd cottage hospital founded. Building of the Crescent commenced

  • 1870 Foundations laid for Holy Trinity Church. Primitive Methodist Church built at Quay

  • 1871 The Great Gale. Six local lifeboatmen drowned in lifeboat Harbinger. Volunteer Life Co. formed. Fishermen’s lifeboat Seagull presented by Rev Lloyd Graeme. Holy Trinity Church consecrated. Burial with military honours at Priory of Captain George Symons, V.C.

  • 1872 Priory Church lit by gas

  • 1873 Wesleyan Chapel opened at Quay

  • 1874 Quay Road Baptist Church built

  • 1875 Sir Gilbert Scott restored Priory Church. Foundation stone laid for Londesborough Lodge

  • 1877 Promenade Congregational Church built

  • 1878 St. Anne’s convalescent home opened

  • 1880 One-horse bus service to Quay started. General Tom Thumb at Roxy

  • 1881 Court House and Police Station Built

  • 1882 United house a Methodist Church built

  • 1883 Town first lit by gas. Sandwith memorial fountain erected. Cemetery opened

  • 1884 Burlington Methodist Church built

  • 1886 St. William’s R.C. Church opened.

  • 1887 Christ Church restored. Lords Feoffees Manorial Courts abolished.

  • 1888 Prince Albert Victor opened Prince’s Parade. Elephant bones found at Danes Dyke

  • 1890 Prince’s Parade lit by electricity, Switchback railway erected. Lifeboatman Harry Hutchinson awarded Silver Medal for rescue of eight people

  • 1891 Population of Bridlington 6840

  • 1892 Slipway Road to North Pier arched over

  • 1893 Mr George Dukes leaves part of his estate to be a public park. Kit Brown and others rescue sailors from the Victoria in terrible storm. Presentation of R.N.L.I. silver medal to Victoria rescuers

  • 1894 Seafront lit by electricity. R.C. Church of our Lady & St. Peter opened. Much property destroyed in great storm.

  • 1895 First meeting of Bridlington U.D.C.

  • 1896 Opening of People’s Palace. Donkey rides introduced on the beach. First telephone exchange opened. Opening of new Spa and Gardens

  • 1897 Town celebrates Jubilee of Queen Victoria. New post office in High Street. Bridlington Chronicle founded. Alexandra Hotel installs first telephone. The number is 1.

  • 1898 Inquiry into the loss of Bordeaux. Bridlington lifeboat crew exonerated. Loss of Kit Brown, of Victoria fame, in gallant rescue of son in in merciless seas. New Penny Bank opened in Queen Street. New post office opened in Queen Street. Literary and Debating Society founded. Archbishop of York visits Priory.

  • 1899 Fire Brigade formed in Portland Place. Charter of Incorporation signed by Queen Victoria. Bridlington Grammar School re-opened. New lifeboat George and Jane Walker. Bridlington locomotive record – 80 mph. R. Medforth first mayor of Bridlington.

  • 1900 Strike of Bridlington joiners for pay rise from 7.5d to 8.5d

  • 1901 Population of Bridlington now 12,482. Post of Bellman/Toll Collector abolished. Great Gale: Three drowned

  • 1902 New peal of bells dedicated at Priory. Emmanuel Church foundation stone laid. Clough Bridge widened, renamed Bridge Street. Golf links opened at Flat Top House, Bridlington Court of Foresters resolves to admit females. Oxford Street School opened.

  • 1903 Dedication of Emmanuel Church. Sarah Grand, novelist and former resident, lectured at Peoples Palace.

  • 1904 New Pier erected at N.W. end of Harbour. First R.Y.Y.C. regatta in Bridlington bay. R.N.L.I. lifeboat housed on South Marine Drive. County Council ban shooting of sea birds. Opening of Floral Pavilion. Sanatorium for infectious diseases opened.

  • 1905 Corporation power station built. Town lit by electricity at night for the first time. Visit by Salvation Army’s General Booth.

  • 1906 Victoria Terraces opened by the Lord Mayor of London. Disaster strikes Spa Hall, it is destroyed by fire

  • 1907 Floral Clock installed. Opening of new Spa Theatre & Opera House by Mrs Beerbohm Tree. Lord Baden Powell at Y.M.C.A.

  • 1910 Last market held in Market Place. Infant School closed. Burlington School opened

  • 1911 Population now 14,334. John Bull rock factory founded.

  • 1912 The Three Brothers built (now preserved coble). First sight of an aeroplane over the town.

  • 1917 British airship flew over town.

  • 1918 Damage caused by an exploding mine

  • 1919 Peace Day celebration and pageant

  • 1920 First Information Bureau opened

  • 1921 Cenotaph unveiled in Wellington Gardens

  • 1922 Paddle-steamer Frenchman arrived. First Bridlington Sea Angling Festival. Fortyfoot and Kingsgate completed.

  • 1923 Floral Hall destroyed by fire. Coble Arrow wrecked. Three dead.

  • 1924 Avenue Park Recreation Ground opened

  • 1925 Bridlington Rotary Club formed

  • 1926 Queensgate and the Avenues laid out

  • 1928 Arrival of T.S.S. Yorkshireman. Opening of Princess Mary Promenade. Winter Gardens opened.

  • 1930 Dominican Convent opened. Lounge Cinema opened.

  • 1931 Completion of new North Sea Wall. Visit by aviator Sir Alan J. Cobham about the provision of an aerodrome for Bridlington. Christening of the lifeboat Stanhope Smart. Foundation stone laid for new town hall. Fish wharf and market built on south pier.

  • 1932 Spa Royal Hall destroyed by fire. New Town Hall opened. Spa Royal Hall rebuilt in five months. 1104 marine craft unit formed and based in the harbour

  • 1933 Victoria Rooms destroyed by fire. Aircraftsman Shaw (Lawrence of Arabia) stationed in Bridlington.

  • 1934 Sewerby Estate purchased for £45,000. Scarborough Road completed

  • 1935 Signum Salutis Semper new town motto. Notarianni first to sell ice-cream. Electricity taken from the national grid

  • 1936 Sewerby Hall opened by Amy Johnson

  • 1937 Public library opened in King Street. Grand Pavilion opened. Opening of Queens Park. Whale stranded on beach.

  • 1938 First Yorkshire Belle pleasure cruiser started service. Clement Attlee visited town. Regal Cinema opened

  • 1939 Flamborough Headland bought by council

  • 1940 Woolworths store hit by bomb.

  • 1941 St. Anne’s convalescent home bombed. Local man T.H. Alderson was awarded the George Cross

  • 1943 Minesweeper Bridlington adopted

  • 1944 Visit of their Majesties the King and Queen, with H.R.H. Princess Elizabeth on her first official engagement. Visit by Sir Bernard Montgomery

  • 1945 Bridlington Chamber of Trade formed

  • 1947 Replacement Yorkshire Belle enters service. Cruiser Bridlington Queen begins service. Time capsule buried under Town Hall path

  • 1948 New lifeboat Tillie Morrison, Sheffield. Twin funnelled Thornwick started service.

  • 1949 West Hill Estate commenced. Bessingby industrial estate commenced

  • 1950 The Malton Dodger (railway) ceased service

  • 1952 Local man Robert Redhead lost from lifeboat

  • 1953 New Lifeboat Tillie Morrison Sheffield II. Hilderthorpe School built. 40 ton whale stranded on beach.

  • 1954 Meat becomes available after rationing ends. Bridlington Chronicle newspaper bought out

  • 1955 Ice-age stones removed to Church Green

  • 1959 Bridlington Free Press Centenary

  • 1960 Bridlington Mencap Society formed

  • 1961 Bessingby Road fire station completed

  • 1965 Yorkshireman departed

  • 1967 New lifeboat William Henry and Mary King. Last regular steam railway service.

  • 1968 Introduction of North Sea Gas. Flying Scotsman steamed through town. Cruiser Boy’s Own changes name to Flamborian

  • 1969 Harbour footbridge built at Clough Hole

  • 1970 Three B’s Theatre Bar opened. Crown buildings opened

  • 1971 Corn Exchange rebuilt by Lord Feoffees

  • 1972 Lifeboat Cox John King awarded silver medal

  • 1973 Annual fair moved from High Green to Hilderthorpe Road

  • 1974 Bridlington became part of the Borough of North Wolds

  • 1975 First inflatable inshore lifeboat. Alexandra Hotel demolished

  • 1976 Severe gribble infestation at Harbour. Town twinned with Bad Salzuflen in Germany. Princess Margaret opened Station Avenue health centre.

  • 1977 Girls accepted at former Grammar School for boys / Boys accepted at the former High School for girls. Our Lady Catholic School opened

  • 1979 Population of Bridlington now 28,590
    1980 1104 Marine Craft Unit disbanded

  • Borough of North Wolds changed to Borough of East Yorkshire
    1982 New Sewerage outfall completed

  • 1985 Quay Road Baptist Church demolished

  • 1986 Floral Pavilion closed. Harbour top refurbishment completed

  • 1987 New coastguard station opened. Leisure World opened

  • 1988 New Lifeboat Peggy and Alex Caird. Bempton Lane Hospital closed. Lloyd Hospital closed. New Bridlington Hospital opened. The steam engine Mallard steamed through town.

  • 1989 Former Avenue Hospital converted to homes. Allen's Promenade store demolished.

  • 1990 Tesco Superstore built. Harbour South Pier grotto restored

  • 1992 Queen Street Superloos built.

  • 1993 Bridlington Town Football Club win ‘F.A.Vase’ at Wembley. Links Golf Course completed

  • 1994 Lloyd Hospital buildings demolished. New Safeway Superstore built. National Coastguard museum established

  • 1995 Bridlington’s community play, ‘Come Hell or High Water’ performed. Bridlington Gazette launched. Lifeboat Marine Engineer started service. The Promenades Shopping Centre opened. New Spa Promenade opened. Emmanuel Church destroyed by fire. The Pedestrianisation of King Street.

  • 1996 East Riding of Yorkshire District Council assumed civic responsibility. High Street refurbished. A 22 ft whale stranded on beach. Work begun on the Nautical Mile. The Harbour Footbridge demolished.

  • 1997 300th anniversary of Charter for Bridlington Harbour.
    Hilderthorpe sewage scheme started. Boyes take over Binns building. Quay Road crossing signalbox demolished. Opening of "Beside the Seaside" museum. H.M. Bark Endeavour sails past Bridlington. Yorkshire Belle celebrates 50 years of cruising.

  • 1998 Flamborian left for service at Swanage. Bridlington Small Business Centre opened.

  • 1999 Prince Charles opens new cancer ward. Clough Hole development completed. Aldi's superstore opened. Bridlington celebrates centenary. Maritime Mile officially opened. Yorkshire Marina planned for Bridlington. Work begun The Prior John public house . Bridlington Radio goes on the air.

  • 2000 The Prior John public house opens. Second bronze medal awarded to cox Fred Walkington; bronze medal to Andrew Brompton
    Bridlington gains town council. The Lords Feoffees III launched.
    Fred Walkington retires
  • 2001 Fred Walkington awarded MBE
  • 2002 Coble Society takes over Harbour Museum
  • 2003 Harbour Museum re-opened by BBC weatherman Paul Hudson

  • 2004 Old-style Harbour Commissioners abolished. Collapse of Chapel Street Methodist Church

  • 2005 Publication of Full Fathom Five by Mike Wilson. Publication of Bridlington Lifeboat, the first 200 years by Fred Walkington Marine Engineer and Lords Feoffees III re-dedicated at Priory Church

  • 2006 Spoof newspaper Bridlington Messenger hits the streets

  • 2007 Opening of The Eye on the Bay. QE2 passes Bridlington on round-the-UK voyage

  • 2008 My Bridlington launched. Spa reopened after £19m refurbishment .
    Thousands at hospital protest. Antiques Road Show at Spa

  • 2009 Woolworths store closes. Bridlington Free Press celebrates 150 years

    Many thanks to Mike Wilson for providing the Heritage Index




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