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  • Full page to display all your information
  • Display up to 10 images
  • Self management facility
  • Change it as often as you like
  • Free location map
  • Link to your website
  • Views counter
  • Direct access to your target market
  • Access to post on our Facebook wall
  • It's subsidised
  • Over 17 million hits in 2012
  • Provides discounts for new websites
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It's only £1.00 per week

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Frequently Asked Advertising Questions

Questions often asked by those considering promoting their business on the Bridlington website

Your Advertising Questions Answered


How long has the Bridlington site been going?

The web site was among the first web sites in the world to recognise the potential of the Internet to promote a tourism location and has been in existence since 1997. In 2011 alone the website achieved almost nine million hits

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Why is your advertising so cheap?

It was always the primary purpose of the web site to provide information to promote the Bridlington area with a view to encouraging tourism. We believe in providing our advertising services at a cost which allows the service to be accessible by businesses of all sizes whatever their available advertising budget. As such we subsidise the advertising ourselves and will continue to provide our advertising facilities at the lowest possible costs. is here to support Bridlington and it's businesses.

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If it's only £1.00 per week how can it be any good?

It is not the cost of advertising which is important but it's ability to provide a return on the investment.

we regularly encounter skepticism from potential advertisers based on the mistaken perception that for advertising to be good it has to be expensive. As the largest web site in the world dedicated to Bridlington we are perfectly placed to promote your business to your target audience around the world.

The important question is "Does it make good business sense to invest £1.00 per week for a full page of worldwide advertising on a website dedicated to and frequented by your target audience?"

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How much business will I get from by promoting my business on the Bridlington site?

Obviously we cannot predict how successful promoting your business on the Bridlington web site will be as it is the content of your advertising which is the critical factor. We are always on hand to help you get the best from your advertising and are always happy to provide help and advise where required.

It is our experience that those who take the time to generate aesthetically pleasing photographs and promote the facilities and services they provide always benefit from the investment.

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My guest house begins with W will I always appear near the bottom of the lists?

Not at all, we have recently invested considerable amounts of time and money in developing the facility to provide random listings each time a section is accessed which will ensure that everyone achieves equal benefit regardless of the name of their business.

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How do I pay to advertise my business?

Once you have made your decision to promote your business within the Bridlington web site simply apply for your account from the option under the advertising menu and you will be able to start creating your advertisement immediately, you will be issued an invoice for £52.00 plus vat to cover your twelve months advertising.

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What happens at the end of my 12 months advertising?

In order to ensure continuity in your advertising and to keep administration costs to a minimum your advertising contract is automatically renewed each year and invoiced accordingly. If for any reason you no longer need to promote your business on the Bridlington web site simply notify us, preferably prior to your renewal date or immediately upon receiving your new invoice.

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I am not very good with computers, will this be a problem?

Not in the least, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that the process of submitting your information and providing subsequent maintenance is as simple as possible. All formatting of your advertisement is provided automatically, it is as simple as filling in a short form. You will require no specialist knowledge, training or software beyond a computer with Internet access.

Due to the technology we use you can maintain your information quickly and easily, directly from any computer anywhere in the world as long as it has access to the Internet. For those who for whatever reason prefer not to maintain their information themselves we can provide this service for a small administration charge, or if preferred we can arrange for a small tuition session.

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Why do the directions on my Advertisement start at Kingsgate?

We have chosen this point to be the default arrival location for any directions provided within the Bridlington site from airports etc, as such the automatically generated directions to all accommodation and businesses provide directions from this point to their own location making it simple to produce complete directions by combining these directions.

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Will you let me link to my own web site?

Yes of course, unlike some web sites who demand links back to their own web site (and your competitors) in order to generate a false impression of their sites popularity we have no issue with your including a link to your own web site, our design of the advertising facility will automatically provide this link when you enter your web site details.

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Can I advertise more than one business?

Yes, you can advertise as many businesses as you wish, obviously as you would expect with such low cost advertising the £1.00 per week advertising charge will be applicable to each business advertised, therefore to advertise 3 businesses will cost £3.00 per week, £156.00 per annum plus vat.

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What is a featured Listing?

Our featured listings provide the added advantage of ensuring that your listing always appears before standard listings at or near the top of the page, your listing is further highlighted by the addition of highlighted text showing

~~~~ Featured Accommodation ~~~~

which not only helps your listing stand out but is designed to attract more click throughs. In practice since introducing the facility we have found that Featured Listings attract a minimum of at least double the number of views of the highest ranking standard listings.

Our featured accommodation listing is available for only £250.00 per annum plus vat with a maximum of 4 featured listings available per category.

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How many websites will my advertisement appear on?

Your advertisement will not only appear on the website but applicable advertising will appear on our mobile device optimised sites - - and all advertising will also appear on over 50 of our aliased domains which include;  

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