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The evidence that shows why it's worth investing just £1.00 per week to promote your business on

Since was created in 1998 we have worked very hard to ensure that it continues to be what is probably the largest website in the world dedicated to Bridlington and quite possibly one of Bridlington's most visited attractions. With annual hits being recorded in excess of 20 million. We have provided below a live display of the number of views each advertisers full page advertisement has received since the introduction of the facility in 2012, or for those listings which were created after 2012 the views since the listing was created.

We have always done our best to ensure that advertising charges, while covering administration costs are kept to the absolute minimum, ensuring that local businesses can afford to promote themselves on whatever their size or advertising budget. The continued support of those businesses promoting themselves on the website help to keep the first port of call for many people looking to source Bridlington and tourist information.

Hopefully the figures provided will help confirm exactly how cost efficient an investment of £52.00 + vat per year to promote your business on can be.

To view any listing and see exactly what you can do for only £1.00 per week simply click on the business name.

To discuss promoting your business on simply give us a call on 01377 236282, email us at or simply Click here to purchase your advertisement on line.

Self Catering Accommodation

Marina Holiday Apartments 16604 Views
Beaconsfield House 39928 Views
Helena Holiday Flats 21934 Views
Oceana Holiday Apartments 19498 Views
Rialto 20553 Views
Mowbray Apartments 20548 Views
Acacia self contained accommodation 25008 Views
Farina Holiday Apartments 25985 Views
Imp-Press Holiday Apartments 9561 Views
Bridlington Beach Chalets 3911 Views
Sunflower Cottage 1654 Views
Fountain House Holiday Flats 22028 Views
Rowntree Holiday Flats 17945 Views
Apartments @ the Expanse 25838 Views
Carlton Apartments 17189 Views
Ash-Lee Holiday Apartments 12932 Views
Seaswell Holiday Flats 18984 Views
Seaview Holiday Flats 26594 Views
Apartments @ 52 8452 Views
Pride-N-Joy 8883 Views

Serviced Accommodation

Ocean Dawn Guest House 18765 Views
Vernon Villa Guest House 15777 Views
Happy Days Guest House 13238 Views
Park View Hotel 18635 Views
Sefton Hotel 16263 Views
White Lodge Guest House 16492 Views
Blantyre House 14081 Views
Richmond Guest House 21092 Views
The Rivendell 3685 Views
Winston House 18885 Views
Acomb House 22528 Views
Glen Alan Guest House 13977 Views
Balmoral Guest House 15100 Views
Expanse Hotel 30225 Views
The Swallow Hotel 16278 Views
Providence Place Guest House 15103 Views
Bay Ridge 14758 Views
South Lodge 13837 Views
Three Gables Guest House 66 Views
Grantlea Guesthouse 13806 Views
Pretoria Guest House 5884 Views
Marton Grange Country House 13391 Views

Camp and Caravan

The Willows Caravan Park Views 22759
Highfield Caravan Park Views 15970
Seaside Caravan Park Views 18837
Top View Caravan Park Views 15583
Goodwin Caravan Park Views 13176
Thornwick Bay Holiday Village Views 809
South Cliff Caravan Park Views 80187

Holiday Property

Beech Cottage Views 13816
Fourth Farm Cottages Views 10243
The Corner House Views 770
Sunflower Cottage Views 1758
Chestnut Cottage Views 14158
Oak Cottage Views 13037
Claxton Grange Holiday Cottages Views 10942
Life Hill Farm Views 7806
Cosy Corner Bridlington Views 6508

Business Directory

Priory Church Views 18058
The Color Bridlington Views 12131
Chris Brown Photography Views 8534
Birdsall and Snowball Solicitors Views 6088
Northfield Manor Views 9424
The Spa Bridlington Views 24128
The Yorkshire Belle Views 19003
Bridlington Business Centre Views 11711
The Hinge Bridlington Views 2895
Lodge Books Views 9868
Van Monster Bridlington Views 14320
Carnaby Powder Coatings Views 9961
West Building Supplies Views 12889
Yordeck Solutions - Decking Specialists Views 30
Prospect Studio (Artists' Studio) Views 9458
Recovering Kindred Spirits Views 9905
AA Clockcraft Views 11251
East Riding Koi Views 12030
DC Blacksmiths Views 11912
Joypur Restaurant - Indian Views 11555
Abyss Caravans Views 10639
Bridlington Rotary Club Views 10183
Lloyd Dowson Accountants Views 10880
Foreshores Views 39085
Thompson Global Logistics Views 9628
D & B Car and Commercials Ltd Views 9035
Highfield Caravans Views 10226
Spa Cafe Views 14263
Bridlington Sports Centre Views 11920
Drummonds Vauxhall Spare Parts Views 2211
LPL Limited Views 9983
Sparkles Cleaners Views 8629
Gardham Wold Landscape Views 9629
Duggie Lea Views 10262
Morrris Minor Owners Club Views 8979
Sewerby Hall Views 20163
ScubaDo Views 401
Summ it up Marketing Views 9985
Bridlington Stationers Views 10783